Prime Xtend- Terms & Benefits

Vehicle Age

10 years and below


200,000km and below

Period of Cover

1 year or 25,000km

Exclusion Period

7 days

Car Models

All models as listed in the price list

Service Requirements

* Must service by Authorised Service Centers
* Accordance with Time and Kilometer intervals as recommended
* Service must be duly recorded in the record book

Claims Limit

15,000 per claim
50,000 in total

Cover Component

Basic Cover (Engine, Transmission, Gearbox, ECM, ECU) + additional pay for additional cover

Renewal Conditions

* Subject to inspection up to vehicle age limit and/or mileage limit
* Applicable within 1 month prior to expiry
* Vehicle must be service/maintain by Authorised Service Centers regardless of claims

Other Conditions

This program has no refundable value and non-transferable.

XTEND - Basic Cover Program for PRE-OWNED CAR

Vehicle Makes Price SST Total
CITROEN 1,577.00 94.62 1,671.62
PEUGEOT 1,577.00 94.62 1,671.62
AUDI 6,823.00 409.38 7,232.38
BMW 2,733.00 163.98 2,896.00
MERCEDES 1,600.00 96.00 1,696.00
PORSCHE 3,244.00 194.64 3,438.64
VOLKSWAGEN 3,377.00 202.62 3,579.62
HONDA 1,400.00 84.00 1,484.00
LEXUS 1,423.00 85.38 1,508.38
MAZDA 1,689.00 101.34 1,790.34
MITSUBISHI 1,511.00 90.66 1,601.66
NISSAN 1,423.00 85.38 1,508.38
SUBARU 1,511.00 90.66 1,601.66
SUZUKI 1,511.00 90.66 1,601.66
TOYOTA 1,067.00 64.02 1,131.02
CHEVROLET 1,711.00 102.66 1,813.66
HYUNDAI 1,711.00 102.66 1,813.66
Vehicle Makes Price SST Total
NAZA / KIA 1,711.00 102.66 1,813.66
BENTLEY 6,200.00 372.00 6,572.00
JAGUAR 4,000.00 240.00 4,240.00
LAND ROVER 6,689.00 401.34 7,090.34
MINI 3,823.00 229.38 4,052.38
ROLLS ROYCE 36,977.00 2,218.62 39,195.62
FORD 5,089.00 305.34 5,394.34
HUMMER 5,000.00 300.00 5,300.00
PERODUA 1,600.00 96.00 1,696.00
PROTON 1,600.00 96.00 1,696.00
NISSAN FAIRLADY 8,600.00 516.00 9,116.00
2,111.00 126.66 2,237.66
PRIME PLUS 375.00 22.50 397.50
PRIME ADVANCE 875.00 52.50 927.50

Details Of Covered Parts & Components

[M] Cylinder Head
[M] Camshaft (Intake & Exhaust)
[M] Camshaft Bearing Cap
[M] Camshaft Bearing
[M] Camshaft Spacer Ring
[M] Intake & Exhaust Valve
(with Valve Spring & Keeper)
* not include valve seal
[M] Camshaft Pushrod
[M] Camshaft Follower
[M] Racker Arm
[M] Tappet *not accept for noise
[M] Cylinder Block
[M] Piston (with Pin Boss & Circlip)
[M] Piston Ring (with Piston oil Ring)
[M] Connecting Rod (with cap)
[M] Connecting Rod Bearing
[M] Crankshaft
[M] Eccentric Shaft
[M] Crankshaft Spacer Ring
[M] Main Bearing (Upper & Lower)
[M] Oil Pump
[M] Balancer Shaft
[E] Engine Control Module
[E] Camshaft Adjuster
[E] Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid
[E] Valvetronic Motor
[E] Variable Valve Gear/Variable Valve Timing
[E] Emission Air Pump
[E] Turbo Control Solenoid
[M/E] Engine Vacuum Pump
[E] Camshaft Position Sensor
[E] Crankshaft Position Sensor
[E] Eccentric Position Sensor
[E] Oil Level Sensor
[E] Oil Pressure Sensor
[E] Engine Temperature Sensor
[E] Knock Sensor
[E] Oxygen Sensor (O2, HO2)
[E] Nitrogen Oxide Sensor/ Module (NOX)
[E] Module (NOX)
[M] Torque Converter
[M] Dual Clutch Assemble
(*automatic transmission)
[M] Input Shaft and Output Shaft (Gear Shaft)
[M] Planetary Gear Sets
[M] Brake Bands
[M] Clutch Assembly (*automatic transmission)
[M] Pressure Plate (*automatic transmission)
[M] Idler Gear & Driver Gear
[M] Transmission Bonded Piston
[M] Transmission Oil Pump
[E] Electro Hydraulic Control Unit
(Valvebody Control Unit)
[E] Mechatronic
[E] Electronic Control Solenoid
– Pressure Regulator Solenoids (EDS)
– Magnetic Valve Solenoids
[M] Drive & Driven Gear
[M/E] Valvebody
[E] Transmission Control Module (TCM, TCU)
[E] Gear Shifting/Selector Module
[E] Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor
[E] Transmission Speed Sensor

  • Gear Speed
  • Turbine Speed
  • Output Speed

[M/E] Steering Rack (Motor/Power)
[M] Power Steering Pump
[E] Steering Column Motor
[E] Steering Lock Motor
[E] Steering Control Module/Unit
[E] Steering Angle Sensor
[E] Slip Ring

Optional : Detail of Coverage of PRIME PLUS | ADD ON RM375.00

*not accept for knocking sounds

[M/E] A/C Compressor
[E] A/C Blower Motor
[E] A/C Fan Motor (Auxiliary Fan Motor)
[E] A/C Steeper Motor
[E] A/C Flap Moto
[E] A/C Control Module/Unit
[E] A/C Temperature Sensor
[E] A/C Pressure Sensor
[E] Water Control Valve (heater)
Petrol & Diesel

[E] Fuel Pump (Modular/In-Line)
[E] Fuel Float Sensor
[E] Fuel Level Sensor
[M/E] High Pressure Pump (MAF/MAP)
[E] High Pressure Sensor
[M/E] EGR Solenoid/Valve/Sensor
[E] EGR Control Module/Unit
[M/E] Diesel Injection Pump
[M] Intake Manifold
[M] Fuel Pressure Regulator
[E] Mass Air Flow Unit
[M/E] Throttle Body
[E] Throttle Control Module/Unit
[E] Throttle Position Sensor
[E] Fuel Injector
[E] Ignition Control Module/Unit
[E] Ignition Coil

  • Compressor
  • Manifold
  • Air Intake House
  • Discharge Hose
  • Intercooler

Optional : Detail of Coverage of PRIME ADVANCE | ADD ON RM875.00

[E] Air Bag Control Module/Unit (SRS)
[E] Air Bag Sensor
[E] iDrive Control Module/Unit
[E] Body Control Module/Unit
[E] Steering Column Switch
[E] Centre-Locking Module/Unit
[E] Door Control Module/Unit
[E] Sam Control Module/Unit
[E] Seat Adjuster Module/Unit
[E] Sunroof Control Module/Unit
[E] Headlight Module/Unit
[E] Xenon Module
[E] Ballast Module
[E] Instrument Cluster (meter)
[E] Central Gateway Module*
[E] Junction box Module*
[E] Main Electrical Control Board*
[E] Alternator *not accept for noise
[E] Starter Motor
[E] Power Window Motor *not include linkage
[E] Power Boot Motor
[E] Door Lock Motor
[E] Door Sliding Motor *not include cable
[E] Seat Adjuster Motor
[E] Sunroof Motor *not include linkage
[E] Headlight Motor
[E] Wiper Motor *not include linkage
*labour only

[M] Flywheel Oil Seal*
[M] Torque Converter Oil Seal*

Rear Axle & Front Axle (4WD & RWD &FWD) Parts Covered Under Warranty

[M] Differential Assembly
– Limited-Slip Differential (LSD)
– Torsen Differential
[M] Transfer Case Assembly
– Manual Shift
– Electronic Shift

[M] Rear End Ring
[M] Planetary Gear Set
[M] Differential Case
[M] Spider Gear Set
[M] Ring Gear
[M] Differential Bearing
[M] Differential Clutch / Plate

External Parts
[E] Transfer Case Control Module
[E] Transfer Case Shift Motor
[E] ABS Control Unit/Module
[E] ABS Pump/Motor *not include cable
[E] Wheel Speed Sensor
[E] Yawrate Sensor
[E] Parking Brake Control Unit
[E] Parking Brake Motor
[M/E] Brake Booster
– Hydraulic, Vacuum, Motor
[M] Brake Master Pump
– Master Cylinder
[E] Cooling Fan Motor
[E] Coolant Temperature Sensor
[M/E] Water Pump *not accept for leaking

Get More With Amgeneral / Kurnia Motor Insurance

Extra Benefit*
Get more if you are insuring your motor insurance at the same time with AmGeneral Insurance Bhd

  • Free PA RM10,000 – RM20,000
  • Free Medical Expenses due to accident for RM1,000 per accident
  • Hospital income up to RM20 per day
  • Compassionate flood expenses due to damages caused by flood up to RM1,000
  • Double indemnity during National Public Holiday

  • Free 24-hour vehicle breakdown assistance and towing service within Malaysia
  • Up to 450km roundtrip for unlimited number of events
  • Unlimited toll charges
  • Changing of flat tyres
  • Labour cost for replacing battery
  • Jump starting of vehicle’s engine

**Terms and conditions apply, please contact MyOpal or your Local Regional for more details.

Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Sales Kit