Base.X - Terms & Benefits

Vehicle Age

8 years and below


150,000km and below

Period of Cover

1 year or 25,000km

Exclusion Period

7 days

Car Models

All models as listed in the price list

Service Requirements

* Must service by Authorised Service Centers
* Accordance with Time and Kilometer intervals as recommended
* Service must be duly recorded in the record book

Claims Limit

7,000 per claim
50,000 in total

Cover Component

Basic Cover (Engine, Transmission, Gearbox, ECM, ECU) + additional pay for additional cover

Renewal Conditions

* Subject to inspection up to vehicle age limit and/or mileage limit
* Applicable within 1 month prior to expiry
* Vehicle must be service/maintain by Authorised Service Centers regardless of claims

Other Conditions

This program has no refundable value and non-transferable.

Detail of Coverage - Basic Covered Components

[M] Cylinder Head
[M] Camshaft (Intake & Exhaust)
[M] Camshaft Bearing Cap
[M] Camshaft Bearing
[M] Camshaft Spacer Ring
[M] Intake & Exhaust Valve
(with Valve Spring & Keeper)
* not include valve seal
[M] Camshaft Pushrod
[M] Camshaft Follower
[M] Connecting Rod (with cap)
[M] Connecting Rod Bearing
[E] Engine Control Module
[E] Camshaft Adjuster
[E] Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid
[M/E] Engine Vacuum Pump
[E] Camshaft Position Sensor
[E] Engine Temperature Sensor

[M] Torque Converter
[E] Electro Hydraulic Control Unit
(Valvebody Control Unit)
[E] Electronic Control Solenoid
– Pressure Regulator Solenoids (EDS)
– Magnetic Valve Solenoids
[M/E] Valvebody

Mechanical Breakdown Warranty Sales Kit