AEON Auto Programme


Service Contract Coverage

12 months; provides cover for Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown (Unlimited mileage)

Exclusion Period

You can only claim after 30 days

Claims Limit

RM 10,000 per claim
RM 20,000 in the aggregate

Covered Components

Critical Parts
* Engine
* Transmission
* Front Wheel Drive
* Rear Wheel Drive
* Braking System
* ECU (Engine Control Unit)
Non-Critical Parts
* Steering Mechanism
* Air-Conditioning
* Fuel System
* Ignition System
* Cooling System

Service Requirements

  • Accordance with Times and Kilometer Intervals as recommended in the Service Contract Booklet
  • Service must be duly recorded in the Service Contract Booklet

How to Make a Claim

Contact MyOpal call centre at 03 7931 9188 to make appointment

MyOpal Call Centre will inform you with the nearest MyOpal Service Centre and guide you through the claim process

Your claim will be processed

IMPORTANT: Please read through the Service Contract Booklet provided to you for terms and conditions for your coverage.